My Response to an FDA Attempt at Regulating E-Cigarette Market

As someone who had been smoking for over eleven years, I am so glad that I found e-cigarettes.  It’s been five weeks since I quit smoking cigarettes, and I feel like a new person because of it.  I tried quitting cold turkey, but I work in the restaurant industry where everyone smokes.  If you’re not smoking with someone, you’re bumming or giving someone else a cigarette.  I’ve saved so much money, so I can start paying off bills and things I need to take care of to be a much more productive member of society.  I put money back into the community I work in instead of giving that money to large cigarette corporations.  I’m helping create jobs by the choices I make.  Working in such a small town in Virginia, I know it’s hard to run a business.  There are three major businesses alone in the town I live in, Fredericksburg, and those of us in the vaping community strive to go to them to help out our fellow Fredericksburg members. 

As I stated, I feel like a whole new me.  I don’t feel as though I’m weak and tired in the morning, my throat doesn’t hurt, I notice that I have much more energy, my clothes don’t smell, and my boyfriend, who is allergic to cigarette smoke, will actually spend time with me while I vape.  My sugar levels have dropped quite a bit as well, since I’m diabetic.  I thought about buying the patch or some other form of FDA-approved quitting products, but they cost/benefit analysis just isn’t there.  I might as well be smoking cigarettes, as opposed to using these products.   

When I was smoking cigarettes, I bought one brand of cigarettes and that’s all I smoked.  When I made the choice to change all of that, I discovered that I could broaden my horizons.  I slipped easily in three weeks from an 18mg nicotine level to a 6mg nicotine level and found all of these flavors I never knew I could experience.  Not only that, but the local city store is run by a veteran, and some of his juices proceeds go to the veterans.  Does big tobacco do that very often?  I doubt it. 

I honestly don’t know what would happen if the FDAs proposed restrictions went through and the products I’ve come to love would disappear.  I’d probably start smoking again.  I’d find myself back in the hole I was in before.  My sugar levels would go up again, I’d be fatigued much faster, I’d be a much less happier person.  I don’t want to experience that hell again.  I don’t have that kind of money to be bandying about anymore. I like being healthier. 

The vaping community is a warm, welcoming one, where people can step away from the harm and destruction of smoking cigarettes.  Jobs have been created, people have become healthier.  I’ve become much healthier.  This community already regulates itself.  We don’t support minors using these products.  We don’t support the usage of chemicals that are used as pesticides the way the big tobacco companies do.  We want to be healthier, more mindful human beings.  We don’t litter.  We don’t throw our butts on the floor because we don’t have any.  The FDA is supposed to provide a service to the populace of the USA, not destroy a growing, thriving marketplace where people can escape the unhealthy addiction to cigarettes. 



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