Dirty Surfaces

There seems to be lack of understanding the concept of surface respect in these latest generations.  I grew up in a family where you were respectful to adults and you showed them respect.  When you meet someone, you’re not being fake when you stay polite; you’re being a civil human being. 

I feel as though this generation is so damned opinionated and so narcissistic that it fails to possess this modicum of surface respect.  Are there adults who are complete and total idiots who shouldn’t be allowed in polite society?  Of course.  BUT…it doesn’t matter what your opinion is.  You don’t pop and attitude at every corner and bring out the dirty just because you think they fail to deserve your respect.  You smile politely, verbally say, “yes sir; no sir” and all the while you can think fuck you, fuck you, fuck you ’til the cows come home.  This is how we must live in order to have a relatively peaceful world to live in as a society. 

Furthermore, when we battle our own families over childish, petty things, we’re counterproductive to the harmony that can be there in our homes.  I have been a failure in many cases where this is concerned.  I have fought and struggled through my own childishness as I grew up.  I have hurt my parents deeply at many turns in my life and I have paid the emotional consequences of that.  Mostly, I’ve hurt myself through my stupidity.  I’ve learned from my mistakes, though. 

I’m just so tired of watching children, and that’s really what they are, be so damned disrespectful to adults when all they have to do is smile and then go on their merry way cursing adults into oblivion.  Shut up, smile and leave it alone. 

You need to learn to pick your battles.  If you don’t, you’re just wasting time, air, and important family time.


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