Love of Beef

I am from Texas and I love a good steak.  I’ve had a few really great ones in my lifetime.  Some of them cooked by me, in fact.  So far in my life though, the best steak I’ve ever had was at Longhorn Steakhouse.  It was a 12 oz (I didn’t finish it all) sirloin topped with an over easy egg, strips of apple wood smoked bacon, and drizzled with a beautiful bordelaise sauce.  Now, I don’t usually like all of the extra toppings, I think it’s a way for companies to get away with crappier cuts of meat, but this steak was just perfect.  It melted in your mouth, and even though I ordered my steak blue, it wasn’t chewy at all.  It was so amazing. 

What my biggest beef (oh boy) with a lot of people is that they overcook perfectly good meat.  Anything cooked over medium is, in my eyes, as close to blasphemy to the cows that lost their lives for your hunger as it gets.  A friend of mine visited a while ago and I about lost my mind hearing her order steak well done.  It just broke my beef-loving heart. 

I subscribe to the Great American Restaurant philosophy of Order Chicken in reference to well done. 



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