The Mental Sexy and the Power of Bullying

So as most of you either know or realize, I’m a plus size girl.  I definitely have my fair share and a few other people’s fair share of extra fluff.  I’m working on that, though.  I hit the gym at least once a day, and more often-than-not, I get a chance to go twice a day.  I eat a much healthier diet.  I even try to make my cheating food healthier; i.e. the Splenda Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter cookies.  Approximately 76 calories later, and I’m a happy girl.  I even Zumba, although not very well.  Working on that too.

So what’s the point?  I’ve noticed something that’s kind of frustrating for me lately.  Where are all of the CUTE plus size gym clothes?  And before you say, “Go to Lane Bryant!” let me tell you this:  They’re expensive!  I’m a college student with no job right now.  (I’m also working on that too!  Fingers crossed, darn it!)  I live in the US, where a large percentage of the population is obese, and the fat people (let’s be honest with ourselves here) are beginning to outweigh (AHAHAHAHAAHA!) the skinny people.  Also, if anyone else hasn’t noticed, the economy sucks right now, so most people lack the funds.

Going to the gym is probably at least 80% mental.  I’ll go, whether I wear a bag on my head or not, but I’d like to look cute doing it. You want to feel good about yourself when you go to the gym.  If you don’t, you end up being negative and down on yourself.  I find that I don’t enjoy myself as much when I’m being negative about something.  I realize I’m not going to run around in booty shorts at the gym(no one should, really), but pretty colors are awesome.  Women need to feel sexy.  That’s why some of them are crazy and spend time on putting on make up even though we’re going to sweat it all off. That’s why we spend exorbitant amounts of money buying jingle skirts and things like that.  We want to look sexy, we like shiny things, and anything that makes jingly noises catches our own eyes, but the eyes of men and women.

Something else to think about in relation to being overweight.  Stop and sit down with your kinds some time, for those of you who have them.  Having been on the receiving end of bullying for my weight for most of my life, I’ve got to tell you:  It DOESN’T work!  In fact, it’s counter productive.  There are the few out there that get put on Ricky Lake or whatever show now replaced hers, that use the bullying as a push to lose the weight, but for the majority of obese kids, it just brings them down, down, down farther into obesity.

Parents should be taking their children out to exercise every day.  I even support more funds being allotted for more gym classes at school.  The next few generations are going to be grossly obese over time.  That needs to stop.  Walk with your kids, get them outside, put them in a team sport or something like that. Stop sitting them in front of the TV for hours on end.  DANCE with them!  Do something!



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