The Value of Marriage

So yesterday I took some time to play Skyrim after the gym.  This game is so addictive and I don’t think there’s a cure.  Who would want one?!  In game, after reaching level 28, I finally married off my High Elf Archmage to Farkas, one of the members of the Companions.  Apparently if you complete a specific quest chain, he, his brother, and almost all of The Companions are eligible to marry.  This got me thinking about real marriage…in real life…with real people.

As I’ve stated, I consider myself to be fairly conservative.  I believe that the masculine party in a relationship should ask the feminine party in the relationship’s family for their hand in marriage.  Notice I didn’t say man and woman there.  I believe and support and firmly condone gay marriage.  Not so conservative there, I know.  And before any of my ultra-conservative friends get their panties in a wad, might I remind you all of the rate at which divorces happen nowadays?  Please spare me the argument about the sanctity of marriage and how terrible gay marriage is or that gay marriage will be the gateway to bestiality-based marriages and all of that nonsense.

Those of us who believe that couples should stay together and work through their problems, if they can be worked through, are a rare breed.  In fact, I am a very rare find indeed; both of my parents are STILL married.  I believe they’ll hit 35 years this year.  So that argument against gay marriage is pretty much moot.  I do think that the entire thing should be wiped from the government’s plate of things to regulate, though.  It’s rather sickening how deep into our lives the government is now.

I was also speaking to a very close friend the other night about marriage.  My question is this:  When do we know we’re ready?  When do we take that plunge through trepidation head first with someone else?  And when do we walk away?  How long do wait?  Does there need to be some sort of defined moment when glittery, winged angels come down and sing the praises of love that we make that choice?  Do you wait until a good time to do it?  Or do you just accept the fact that you’re in love and there’s no time like the present?


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