A Feminist View

I consider myself a feminist.  Perhaps the mainstream feminist would disagree with that assessment, but in my mind, the definition of a feminist is one who believes men and women should have equal opportunity in all things and that they should be treated equally.

What surprises me though, is that, from what I’ve experienced, a goodly amount of feminists believe that stay-at-home mothers are being forced into that role by men, or that they are somehow influenced to do so.  My question to these feminists is this:  If we are equal to make our own choices, and should be treated as equals, is it not a feminist move to choose to be a housewife?  (I, myself, choose to work in life.)

It just seems rather ass-backward to tell women we should be treated equally, but then sneer at the women who wish to be housewives because they made a choice.  My mother worked forty plus hours a week when we were growing up, but she made that choice so that we could have horses, a nice house, good land, etc.  That was her choice.  I know women who choose to be housewives and they keep immaculately amazing care of their houses, they participate in charities, in clubs, etc.  They are hard-working housewives and mothers.  Why do some feminists think any less of these women?  Where is it really acceptable?

One of the other questions floating around is whether or not a woman may be a feminist and be pro-life? Is it possible to believe women should be treated equally and believe that personally against abortion (in extreme cases such as rape or if there are medical complications)?  I think that it is perfectly fine.

If a woman and man have sexual intercourse, they both are required in order to create life.  (Let’s leave the in vitro discussion out of this please.)  SO they are both responsible for said life.  The problem I have is this:  A woman continues to claim autonomy over her body at all times.  She can make the decision to have an abortion, to allow that life to grow into a fetus and then be born.  The man has no say in any of this, but he helped to create said life; he was part of creation.  If she decides to allow the fetus to grow to term, he has no say in whether he is part of that life.  It is thrust upon him, whether through child support or co-existence or marriage.  How is that equal? Yes, it’s her body, yes she has control of it, but if we are to say we are equal, then both parties involved should have a say.

The point I’m really making is that in the beginning, I believe that feminists wanted to be treated equally, but now, as with institutions such as affirmative action, they are using these views to punish people for past wrongs and push themselves up and above.  We can’t be equal if we’re trying to punish one another for past wrongs.  It breeds tension and eventually hatred between minority groups and majority groups.

Just some food for thought.


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