And so it begins…

After a considerable amount of time last night talking to Daddy, I decided to start writing a blog.  I feel as though maybe I can start to siphon off a lot of the anger I hold within myself.  We’ll see what happens.

I used to write all of the time.  I also used to smoke, but I don’t do that anymore.  I would write for hours every day about my life, about my feelings on things, about politics, about everything.  My goal is to try and post at least twice a week.  I’ll discuss topics ranging from the lifestyle to politics to feelings to the status of my “get Mel healthy” plan.

This is the only warning that you’ll get that if you’re squeamish(another disclaimer!), don’t read it.  I’m not going to mince words or beat around the bush.  Don’t like it?  Please don’t read it and please don’t talk about it.  Just appreciate that I’m bearing my soul for the world and that I’m trying to be a better me.  I believe this is a step in that direction.


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